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Rikku Community
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wElCoMe >>
This is a community about Rikku from FFX, where you can talk about FFX and Rikku, and also claim you favourite thing of Rikku. Like her cheerfulness, her hair, her shirt, her goggles, her friendship with who ever, or whatever else you want!

rUlEs >>
1 > Can't claim something someone already has
2 > You get one (1) claim if you don't link or make a banner, two (2) if you link on your userinfo and make a banner not on userinfo, four (4) if you have a banner on you userinfo linking here
3 > Anything to do with Rikku goes, look above for examples
4 > Have fun and be creative! :D
5 > No fighting, cuz I'll ban you
6 > Another way to get another claim is to make a banner / icon for the community
7 > That's all for rules, now claim away! XD

CrEdItS >>
1 > sight, the maintainer of anime_names
2 > tearslikerain, second in command of anime_names

bRoUgHt tO yOu bY >>

cLaImS lIsT >>
Hair & Goggles > totalkaos
Giggle > invisiblepixie
Soul > chozo
Smile & the way she cares for People > andybogard
Ass & Eyes > yuffiebunny
Mouth & Excited Dance > rainecloud
Name & Wardrobe > the_way_i_am
Thong > invisiblepixie

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